How To Use Cellular Trail Cams To Pattern Deer

If you hunt on your own property or are hunting a leased property using cellular trail cameras to accurately pattern deer movement can greatly enhance your hunting success rate by providing real-time information about deer activity. Especially if you can’t get to your property on a regular basis – these cellular trail cams are crucial. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use cellular trail cameras for this purpose:

Choose the Right Location:
Select hunting spots with known deer activity, such as well-used trails, natural funnels, food sources, water sources, or bedding areas. The accuracy of your camera placement will determine the quality of the data you receive.

Camera Placement:
Mount your cellular trail cameras at a proper height and angle for optimal coverage. Aim for a height of around 3-4 feet, angled slightly downward to capture the deer’s midsection. This ensures the camera’s motion sensor is triggered when a deer passes by.

Camera Settings:
Configure your camera settings for both photo and video modes. Set the camera to take both day and night shots, as deer can be active during both times. Adjust the trigger sensitivity to prevent false triggers from wind or vegetation movement.

Cellular Setup:
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the cellular capabilities of your camera. Most cameras allow you to insert a SIM card and connect to a cellular network. Make sure you have a data plan or service subscription that provides sufficient coverage in the area where you place the camera.

Test the Camera:
Before leaving the camera unattended, conduct a few tests to ensure it’s capturing clear photos and videos and transmitting them successfully. This can help you address any technical issues before the hunting season starts.

Regular Data Checks: Regularly check the data your camera is sending to your designated online portal or app. Many cellular trail cameras offer apps or websites where you can view the images and videos remotely. Check these updates daily if possible.

Analyze Patterns:
As you accumulate data, look for patterns in deer movement. Pay attention to the times of day when deer are most active, their preferred travel routes, and the areas they frequent. This will help you determine the best times to be in the field and the best spots to set up for hunting.

Adjust Strategy:
Deer behavior changes. Based on the data you gather, adjust your hunting strategy accordingly. If you notice a particular pattern of movement, plan your hunts to be in position during those times. If deer are using specific trails, consider setting up tree stands or blinds nearby.

Adapt to Changes: Remember that deer behavior can change based on factors like weather, food availability, hunting pressure, and the rut. Continuously monitor your data and be ready to adapt your strategy as the circumstances evolve.
Consistency is Key: Cellular trail cameras offer a valuable tool for monitoring deer movement, but consistency in data collection and analysis is essential. The more data you collect over time, the better you’ll be able to refine your hunting strategy.

Remember, the goal is to gain a deep understanding of deer movement patterns to increase your chances of a successful hunt. Combine your cellular trail camera data with other hunting technologies, techniques and knowledge to create a comprehensive hunting strategy.

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