Types of Archery Hunting Broadheads

Archery hunting broadheads are an essential component of an archer’s setup for hunting. They are designed to inflict lethal and ethical damage to the game by delivering a precise and powerful blow. There are several key differences among different types of broadheads, and these differences affect their performance and suitability for various hunting scenarios. Here are some common types of archery hunting broadheads:

Type of Blades:

Fixed-Blade Broadheads: These have solid, non-moving blades that are permanently affixed to the broadhead’s ferrule. They are known for their durability and simplicity. They are typically more stable in flight but might require more tuning to achieve optimal accuracy.
Mechanical (Expandable) Broadheads: These broadheads have blades that are initially compacted and deploy upon impact. They offer a smaller profile in flight, potentially leading to better accuracy and longer effective range. However, they might be prone to failure if not opened properly on impact or if the blades hit heavy bone.

Number of Blades:

Two-Blade Broadheads: These broadheads have two main cutting blades. They typically have larger cutting diameters and can offer deeper penetration due to reduced surface area.
Three-Blade Broadheads: These broadheads have three main cutting blades. They often create larger wound channels and may lead to more significant blood loss.
Cutting Diameter:
Fixed Diameter: Some broadheads have a fixed cutting diameter, meaning the diameter of the wound they create remains constant.
Adjustable Diameter: Certain broadheads allow you to adjust the cutting diameter before hunting. This adaptability can be useful depending on the game being pursued.

Penetration and Flight Characteristics:

Penetration: Broadheads with compact profiles and sharp, strong blades tend to penetrate better. Fixed-blade broadheads often excel in this area due to their design.
Flight Characteristics: Mechanical broadheads can have better flight characteristics due to their closed profile in flight, reducing air resistance. However, tuning your bow might be crucial to achieve optimal accuracy.

Game Type and Size:

Big Game: For larger game, such as deer, elk, and bear, broadheads with good penetration and cutting ability are essential.
Small Game: Smaller game might not require as much cutting diameter or penetration. Lighter, smaller broadheads can be effective and cause less damage to the meat. You also have to consider small game blunt tips and wire tips to hunt with.

Bow Setup and Tuning:

Broadhead Tuning: Fixed-blade broadheads can affect arrow flight differently than field points, requiring tuning to ensure accuracy. Mechanical broadheads might be more forgiving in this regard.
Arrow Spine: Different broadheads may require adjustments to your arrow’s spine (stiffness) to achieve consistent accuracy.


Legal Considerations: Check hunting regulations in your area to ensure the broadheads you plan to use are legal for the specific game you’re pursuing.

Ultimately, the choice of archery hunting broadheads depends on your bow setup, the game you’re hunting, your shooting skills, and your personal preferences. It’s recommended to test different broadheads in controlled environments to determine which ones provide the best accuracy, penetration, and overall performance for your specific hunting needs.

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