How To Sight In a Compound Bow

Sighting in a compound bow is a crucial step for any archer, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hunter. Properly aligning your bow’s sights ensures accuracy and consistency in your shots, making it an essential skill to master. Let’s walk you through the steps to sight in a compound bow, allowing you to hit your targets with precision.

Step 1: Set Up Your Target
Place your target at the chosen yardage distance. Start close. 5 or 10 yards. Make sure it’s secure and positioned at a height that matches your eye level when you draw the bow.

Step 2: Preliminary Adjustments
Before you start, make sure your bow is properly tuned, and your arrow rest and nocking point are correctly set. Ensure that your peep sight is aligned with your bow sight.

Step 3: Set the Pin(s) to the Desired Yardage
For multi-pin sights, adjust the pins to the yardage you’ve chosen for your initial shot. For single-pin sights, set it to your chosen yardage as well.

Step 4: Take Your First Shot
Start very close to your target so you don’t risk missing the entire target and losing arrows. Stand 5-10 yards from the target, aim right at the middle with your pin or top pin depending on your bow sight, and shoot. If the arrow doesn’t hit roughly in the middle, you should start not by adjusting pins, but by moving the entire sight housing up, down, left, or right. Remember to follow the arrow—if the arrow hits right, you move the sights right, etc.

Step 5: Dialing In Yardages

Now step back to 20 yards, aim at a fairly small dot on the target using your sight pin, and take several shots. Again, at this stage move the entire housing up, down, left, or right until you are dead on at 20. If you’re using a single-pin slider, use the blank tape provided and mark your 20-yard spot.

Step 6: Analyze Your Shot
If your shot lands high or low of the target, adjust the vertical axis of your sight accordingly. Use the elevation adjustment on your sight to move the pin(s) up or down until your arrows consistently hit the center.

Step 7: Fine-Tune Left/Right Adjustments
To correct left or right errors, adjust the horizontal axis of your sight. Use the windage adjustment to move the pin(s) left or right until your shots consistently group at the desired point on the target.

Step 8: Confirm Your Sighting
Take multiple shots to ensure consistency in your grouping at the chosen yardage. Make any necessary adjustments to your sight until you achieve consistent accuracy.

Step 9: Repeat for Other Yardages
If you plan to shoot at different yardages regularly, repeat the process for each yardage, making sure to adjust your pins accordingly. Many archers sight in their compound bows at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards, for example.

Step 10: Practice and Refinement
After sighting in your bow, practice regularly to build muscle memory and refine your shooting skills. Over time, you may need to make minor adjustments to your sight to account for changes in your shooting form or equipment.

Sighting in a compound bow is a fundamental skill for any archer. With patience and careful adjustments, you can achieve consistent accuracy at your chosen yardages. Remember that practice and regular maintenance are key to maintaining your bow’s accuracy over time. Happy shooting!

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